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Should I Buy Tires at Walmart? Yes, but not for every car

As you know, Walmart sells just about everything. Therefore, you may be wondering if you should also purchase tires for your vehicle at Walmart.

Because Walmart is a low-cost seller, purchasing your tires at Walmart may be an excellent idea. However, you may want to avoid purchasing your tires at Walmart if you have a specialty vehicle or you are looking for a very unique type of tire.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why purchasing your tires at Walmart may be a great idea. Also, we’ll offer some insight into why buying your tires at Walmart may not be the best idea.

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Pricing Compared to the Competition

Compared to most other tire sellers, Walmart offers lower prices. This should be expected since Walmart is a massive company and tends to have lots of pricing power. The median tire price at Walmart is $102. This is lower than the median tire price at Sam’s Club, Discount Tire Direct, BJ’s Tire Center, Sears, and Tire Rack. Here’s a look at the price comparison below.

StoreMedian Tire Price
Sam’s Club$139
Discount Tire Direct$144
BJ’s Tire Center$147
Tire Rack$161


Ease of Purchasing

Walmart makes it rather easy to purchase your tires. First of all, Walmart has many locations around the country. Chances are that there is a Walmart location near your home. Also, Walmart gives you a couple of options as to how you can purchase your tires.

Tire center

You can purchase your tires at Walmart’s tire center. You can purchase the tires on-site and have them installed.

Online purchases

You also have the option to purchase your tires online at and pick them up at the tire center. In many cases, you can get same-day pick-up. Online purchasing may be a better idea because you can be sure that the tires that you want are available.

How Much Does Tire Installation Cost?

At Walmart’s tire center, you have the option to have your new tires installed by their tire technicians. The cost of a tire installation is $15 per tire if you purchase the tire at Walmart. You can also bring in a tire from another store and have it installed at Walmart’s tire center for $10 per tire.

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Return policy

Walmart is known for having a great return policy on all of its merchandise. That extends to their tire center. If you purchase a tire that has not been installed or driven, then you can return that tire to any Walmart tire center for a full refund.

Walmart enterance

Reason to Buy Tires at Walmart

There are many reasons to consider buying your tires at Walmart. Here’s a look at the top reasons why purchasing your tires is a great idea.

1). You have a common vehicle

If you drive a common top-selling sedan, SUV, or truck, then the Walmart tire center will likely have a compatible tire for your vehicle. Since Walmart’s prices tend to be lower than the competition, then you will be able to save some money by purchasing your tires at Walmart.

2). You are not looking for specialty tires

If you are not looking for any unique type of tires, then you should be able to find what you need at Walmart. Because the company deals in volume, you will tend to find the most popular tires at Walmart’s tire center. This will include the most popular selling summer, winter, off-road, and performance tires.

3). You are value conscious

Looking to save money? You will likely find the best deals at Walmart. When it comes to tire sales and installation, Walmart’s tire center tends to have better prices versus the competition.

While Walmart is a great place to save money on tires, there may be some reason why purchasing your tires at Walmart may not be the best idea. This content is owned by moc.sotuaytsur. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you may want to purchase your tires somewhere else.

Reasons to Not Buy Tires at Walmart

1). You have a special vehicle

If you drive a low-volume or unique vehicle, then you may not find the ideal tires. For instance, if you drive a BMW M4 or a Corvette Z06, then you may want to find Z-rated tires that are designed specifically for your vehicle. The tire choices at Walmart may not be ideal for your vehicle.

2). You are looking for a rare or unique type of tire

If you are looking for a unique set of tires, there is a chance that Walmart may not have it available. For instance, you may have a hard time finding a specific type of hybrid tire or large off-road tires from Walmart’s tire center. If you are not sure if they have a specific tire in stock, then check out their selection on

Walmart Tire Shopping Tips

Here are some handy shopping tips that can help you save time and money the next time you purchase your tires at Walmart.

1). Shop online first

It’s highly recommended that you shop online at to see what tires are available before you visit their tire center. This will save you time and allow you to reserve the tires that you need.

2). Be sure to price compare with other tire centers

Walmart tends to have the lowest prices. However, it doesn’t hurt to price compare the same tires from other tire centers to ensure that you are getting the best deals.

3). If you want to have your tires installed at a Walmart tire center, check the reviews first

If you want to have your tires installed, then it is highly recommended that you check the online reviews of your local Walmart tire center. You want to make sure that their tire tech team has high review ratings before they work on your vehicle.

The Bottom Line on Buying Tires at Walmart

Walmart can be a great, low-priced choice if you are looking for top-selling tires for your vehicle. However, if you are looking for specialty tires, then you are better off shopping elsewhere. Be sure to check out the online tire store to see if they have the right tires for your vehicle.

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