About John Cunningham

John Cunningham is a qualified auto technician with over twenty years experience working on classic and modern cars.

My story

Classic car

As a kid, after school and on my summer holidays I worked with my uncles and my father in the family business. My father ran his own garage which included a Gas station; Car retail showrooms; Auto collision repair shop; Paint shop; Parts retail; Auto servicing; Auto detailing; Classic car refurbishing.

The workshop was an exciting place, there was always something new going on, always great characters around, customers and staff, as a kid I thought this was magic.

So I knew from about eight years old what I wanted to do. By age ten I was driving, and that opened up a whole new and even more exciting world of possibilities. “I was hooked”.

John Cunningham Red Seal auto technician cert

I worked in all parts of the family business, but I really liked the mechanical end the most. A workshop in those days was full on, engines and transmissions were rebuilt, not just replaced.

I qualified as a mechanic in 1993, and I also hold a certificate of competence in road transport. As a young man, I took a year out and travelled the world before returning to work in the family business, I’ve been in some aspect of the industry ever since.

I live in a small town, Virginia, Co Cavan, Ireland with my highly organised wife Tara and two kids, Holly and Rogan, four cats and a pony – Lilly, Crackers, Oreo, Kev-dog and Sugar.

Rustyautos.com workshop

When Holly was born we moved from the city to a house in the country on some land, and I built a full workshop for classic car refurb projects.

In 2013 I was offered an opportunity to work for GM Canada, and since I love cars and travelling, I jumped at it. I worked for GM for a few years and have hours of technical training, I also as recently as 2014 sat the Automotive Service Technicians Exam (Canada), – “Red Seal Journey-person Certificate of Qualification”, and passed scoring over 90%.

Mercedes Cosworth

Over the Canadian winters I learned how to build websites, just for giggles, and it wasn’t long before I married my love of mechanics to a “how to” website. I have since built three sites in the mechanical repair “how to” space, a grass machinery repair site, a dirt bike ATV repair site and Rustyautos.com.

When I’m not refurbishing classic cars or writing mechanical “How to’s”, I fly (crash & repair) drones, dirt bike, fish and shoot field archery.