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Rustyautos is a free online resource that helps vehicle owners care for, repair, and maintain their own vehicles. All Rustyautos posts and videos are written and edited by John Cunningham, a qualified auto technician with twenty-five years of experience.

Rustyautos guides are accurate, to the point, and fluff-free. We offer tons of insider knowledge, mechanics hacks, and trade secrets.

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Our “DIY How-to” posts are helping fellow gearheads all over the world. If we helped you today, drop us an email; we’d love to hear about it.

Background is the embodiment of a lifelong passion for automobiles and a steadfast belief in the right to repair and the capability of car and truck owners to resolve common automotive problems—themselves, often at little to no cost.

We firmly believe that with the right knowledge, basic diagnostic tests, and a grasp of repair procedures, virtually anyone can tackle the challenges of auto maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our mission at is to make auto repair accessible and affordable to people worldwide.


Our core expertise lies in DIY auto repair, covering a wide spectrum that includes mechanical and electrical diagnostics and even the restoration of classic cars.

My Journey is the brainchild of a dedicated automotive enthusiast and seasoned mechanic, John Cunningham. John’s automotive journey began in Ireland, where he was immersed in the world of cars from a young age.

Inspired by his father, who operated his own garage in Ireland, John followed in his footsteps and went on to become a qualified mechanic in 1988. In 2014 he got the opportunity to work in Canada for General Motors and as he’s not a native, he was obliged to sit the Red Seal automotive technician exam which he did, passing with a score of over 90%.

Passion for Electrical Diagnostics

Throughout his extensive 25+ years of experience as a mechanic, John has tackled many auto repairs, from bodywork to mechanical fixes. However, his true passion lies in electrical system diagnostics.

To him, it’s akin to a puzzle that demands careful consideration, particularly in the context of the evolving world of full-electric and autonomous vehicles. The complexity of modern vehicle technology fascinates him and keeps him deeply engaged in his craft.

Memorable Moments

Some of John’s most cherished memories revolve around working side by side with his father and uncles. He proudly uses tools passed down through the generations, a reminder of his family’s deep-rooted connection to the world of mechanics.

Together with his father, John undertook the restoration of several classic Mercedes cars, a testament to their shared love for automobiles.

Ongoing Learning

The automotive world is ever-evolving, driven by constant advancements in technology. John recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve, knowing that misdiagnosis often results from inadequate understanding of new systems during troubleshooting.

This commitment to staying updated with the latest vehicle technology underscores the value of continual learning in the automotive field. Difference

What sets apart is that our repair guides are crafted by John Cunningham himself, a qualified mechanic with a passion for auto repair.

Unlike simply listing potential problems for a given symptom, we take you through the entire diagnosis process and repair steps.

Our guides are enriched with detailed illustrations and images where necessary, designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to take charge of your auto repairs.

Get Involved

To encourage interaction and facilitate learning, we’ve recently introduced a comments section at the bottom of each repair guide on It’s your space to ask questions and seek guidance, and we are committed to providing responses and support to help you succeed in your DIY auto repair projects.


Explore with confidence, and don’t hesitate to connect with us. We’re here to help you navigate the world of DIY auto repair.