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Will Walmart Install Tires? Yes, Walmart Auto care centers will

You’re new to the whole tire-changing thing, but you know that your current set of wheels need to go. You decided to pick up a replacement tire or two at Walmart. If you can, you’d love to have them install the tires for you too. Does Walmart offer that service, or do you have to go to your mechanic?

Walmart will install car and truck tires if your Walmart has an Auto Care Center. Basic installation costs $12 to $15 if you bought Walmart tires. For tires purchased elsewhere, you’re charged $10 extra per tire.

In this article, we’ll talk more about Walmart’s tire replacement services. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be able to confidently decide whether you should get your tires installed at Walmart!

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Does Walmart Install Tires?

Walmart attracts millions of shoppers at its 10,500 stores around the world (that number is current as of 2021). Not all its stores include a Tire & Lube Express Auto Care Center, which is sometimes known as the Walmart Auto Care Center.

For those Walmarts that do offer automotive services, not only can you buy tires there, but you can get them installed and serviced in other ways as well.

Tires are far from the Walmart Auto Care Center’s only specialty. You can pick up new car batteries or vehicle fluids like oil and antifreeze. Walmart stocks top automotive brands like EverStart, Mobil 1, Super Tech, and Goodyear.

Which Tire Installation Services Does Walmart Offer?

You found a Walmart with an Auto Care Center in your neck of the woods. You had never even realized that car services were offered at your local Walmart before, but you’re glad you know now. You’re about to schedule an appointment for tire installation.

You have your choice between the Walmart Basic Tire Installation Package or the Value Tire Installation Package. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in both packages now.

Basic Tire Installation Package

As part of the Basic Tire Installation Package, the Walmart technicians will mount your tires to your vehicle, but more so than that, you can also get a lug re-torque at 50 miles and a lifetime tire rotation and balance at 7,500 miles.

Walmart will provide their valve stems/TPMS service pack where technicians will install valve stems if your vehicle does not already have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS.

The Walmart technicians can reset your TPMS if need be, but this service is not included with their valve stem/TPMS service pack. It might cost extra.

Value Tire Installation Package

The Value Tire Installation Package includes a lug re-torquing at 50 miles, a lifetime tire rotation and balance at 7,500 miles, the valve stem/TPMS service pack, tire mounting, and Walmart’s Road Hazard Protection Warranty.

The warranty safeguards your vehicle if your impact brakes fail, or if your vehicle is punctured due to weather damage. You won’t pay a cent to get your vehicle repaired by Walmart’s technicians. All punctures are patched through Rubber Manufacturers Association or RMA standards and guidelines.

Besides those tire installation services, here is a list of the other services Walmart offers at their Auto Care Center:

  • Flat tire repair
  • Free battery installation
  • Standard oil

How Much Does Tire Installation Cost at Walmart?

You could certainly use some of those services, maybe even all. Before you can decide whether you want to take advantage of the Walmart Basic Tire Installation Package or the Value Tire Installation Package, you need to know, how much do these services cost?

The Basic Tire Installation Package costs between $12 and $15, so that’s a very affordable rate. That said, the price as listed is assuming that you buy your new tires at Walmart. If you purchase them elsewhere, then Walmart will still install your tires, but they’ll charge you $10 extra for each one.

If you choose the Value Tire Installation Package, now the tire installation is $25 each. Remember though, you gain access to the Road Hazard Protection Warranty. On its own, the warranty costs $10 a tire.

Of course, if you’d rather, you can forego the packages altogether and cherry-pick the Walmart Auto Care Center services you’re interested in.

To get lug nuts changed is $2 per nut, which is reasonably priced. A tire rotation costs about $2.50 a tire, so that’s again very inexpensive. Tire mounting is between $5 and $10 a tire, with the former price for specialty service and the latter for carry-in service.

Walmart will fix a flat for $12 each, and their valve stem/TPMS service pack is valued at $3 per tire. Balancing and rotating your tires is a bit costlier at $14 a tire. Of course, the battery change is free.

Should You Get Your Tires Installed at Walmart?

Now that you’re aware of the services offered at Walmart’s Auto Care Center, is going there worthwhile for new tires or other tire-related services?

We say yes, certainly. The Auto Care Centers Walmart has are staffed with professional technicians who know their way around many vehicle makes and models. Walmart carries your favorite brands in automotive parts and accessories, which are high-quality brands with name recognition.

Plus, the prices of Walmart’s car care services are incredibly affordable. If you’re trying to maintain your car or truck on a budget, you’ll probably spend a lot of time at Walmart’s Auto Care Center.

All that said, if your vehicle has more significant issues, the Auto Care Center can’t help you. Yes, the Road Hazard Protection Warranty can ensure you get parts replaced, but only in limited instances.

If you need new brakes, a fresh transmission, or more expensive, involved repairs, you’ll have to bring your car to a mechanic, not Walmart. 


Walmart is a retail supercenter with Auto Care Centers (aka Tire & Lube Express Auto Care Centers) in some locations. At the Auto Care Center, you can get tires installed and serviced, and often for low prices too.

Even if you don’t buy your tires at Walmart, the affordable prices of service make their Auto Care Center worth the visit.

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