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Should I Buy Snap-on Tools? Worth every cent!

Snap-On Tools is recognized as one of the industry-leading global manufacturers and distributors of high-quality tools. A recent survey by Frost and Sullivan ranked Snap-on as the number one tool supplier in every category. Listed on the NYSE, the company has a great portfolio of brands and a ninety-year history of success.

The Snap-On range of tools targets the professional workshop and provides many specialized tools for industry-specific requirements. The high-quality design and manufacture result in premium-priced tools outside the price range of DIY repairs and hobbyist applications.

Investing in the Snap-On range of tools makes sense for technicians looking to purchase for life. Many cheap brands are trying to steal the spotlight from premium tool brands that are achieving a lot of success. Let’s look at the background of Snap-On and why it may make sense for you to invest in this brand.


Who Is The Target Market For Snap On Tools?

Snap-On was founded in the 1920s as the automobile industry started to thrive due to public demand. The need for automotive repair shops was immediately obvious as the early vehicles had many teething problems to contend with.

Joseph Johnson, an engineer based in Milwaukee, came up with the idea of providing professional mechanics with simple but interchangeable tools.

The toolset consisted of five handles and ten Snap-on sockets that could be fitted to each of the handles. The brand tagline “Five do the work of Fifty” was coined. The company patented the Number Six Ratchet in 1923, which was the first ratcheting tool for use with the original set of ten sockets.

Working from their home based workshop, Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann produced the first two sample sets to do demonstrations and make some marketing brochures. Their tools were an instant success, and they generated five hundred orders for their tools.

The Snap-on Wrench Company was formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a production plant of 2,500 square feet. With Johnson and Seidemann focusing on manufacturing and product development, they engaged the help of Stanton Parker and Newton Tarble to focus on the sales and marketing of Snap-on tools.

The 1930s saw hard times as the Great Depression hit the United States and disposable income was in short supply. The Snap-on Wrench Company gave people hope and a vision for the future. Their salespeople would say to customers that “Everybody is in a fix today – no money – but when you have money again, what tools will you need?”

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They named the feedback “Dream Orders,” resulting in the development of a “Needs List” by Johnson and Seidemann. Snap-on caught the attention of professional auto-technicians and the public alike. They coined the philosophy of “Snap-on makes work easier for professionals performing critical tasks.”

If you are passionate about tools and take pride in the history of American ingenuity and hard work, then owning Snap-on tools will provide you with the best quality and range of tools and add satisfaction in owning and using them.

The company has partnered with tool enthusiasts around the globe to set up a franchise distribution network in the United States and other markets, including the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Snap-on has established a special program to help veterans be set up as franchisees and share in their history of enduring hardship and provide solutions to customers. Military veterans have specialized skills and character traits developed during services like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication that is transferable to the company and distribution network.

Making Work Easier For Professionals Doing Critical Tasks

Snap-on tools in a box

After their early success in the automotive industry, Snap-on identified the specialized needs in other emerging industries and required tools to make building and maintaining equipment easier.

The Aviation and Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Electronics, Medical, Defense, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Rail industries became the target of their product development.

The training programs in many of these industries exposed the Snap-on brand to young technicians, and the brand developed a loyal customer base. The company kept up its close relationships with the hardworking technicians in all these industries and developed tools aimed at making their most critical tasks easier.

Although they tool out patents on their designs, their products become the target of many low-cost manufacturers trying to emulate the success of Snap-On. There are many worthy German, Japanese and Nordic brands in the premium tools market, all demanding similar pricing and reputation.

The low-cost end of the market is served by Chinese manufactured products posing as contenders. Brands such as Harbor Freight supply an array of very low-cost tools focused on the DIY and affordable market. These tools are good value for money and are viewed as disposable by most serious technicians.

The low-cost copy tool market has a niche to serve, but the manufacturers have not put the research and development and attention to manufacturing quality into these tools. Buy them at your peril. This content belongs to moc.sotuaytsur. If your profession demands the best designed, high-quality tools to perform your job right the first time, every time, then invest in Snap-on.


Professional technicians rely on their tools to do their work. The pride in the craftsmanship of tools dates back to stone-age man making their first flint tools. The Snap-on tool brand was born at the start of the age of the automobile and has helped Americans survive through adversity.

Snap-On tools are recognized and admired globally and are premium-priced tools made for industry professionals. Serving all sectors of modern industry, Snap-on has invested in the research and development to design and develop tools to simplify complex mechanical tasks.

Having their products copied by competitors is the highest form of praise. Snap-on is the choice of artisans in a variety of industries around the globe. Paying the premium to own this iconic American brand is well worth it. Snap-on tools are a prized inheritance for many who understand what the brand represents to Americans.

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