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Are Milwaukee Tools Good? Mechanic says yes!

If you are looking for top tools for your garage or tool shed, you will want to consider Milwaukee Tools. After all, they have been one of the biggest names in professional tools for almost a century. I’m a mechanic and I know the value of great tools.

Milwaukee build excellent tools. They are a well-respected premium-grade tool manufacturer trusted by professional tradespeople for decades. Milwaukee is an excellent tool choice for both the professional or the serious DIYer.

In this post, we’ll take a look at Milwaukee Tools and go over the pros and cons.

Who are Milwaukee Tools?

Milwaukee Tools is a large tool company that has been in business since 1924. Since that time, Milwaukee Tools has been known for creating several innovations in the tool industry. For instance, Milwaukee Tools was the first company to introduce a one-handed ¼ capacity drill hole shooter. Since then, the company has made several innovations when it comes to cordless power tools and tool storage. Today Milwaukee Tools is considered a premium toolmaker for both professional mechanics and serious weekend mechanics.

Who are Milwaukee Tools’ top competitors?

As a premium tool maker, Milwaukee Tools competes directly with DeWalt Tools, Makita, Klein Tools, and Stanley Black & Decker.

Pros of Milwaukee Tools

There are a number of reasons to consider Milwaukee Tools. Here’s a look at the top pros of the toolmaker:


No matter what kind of tool or tool storage solution that you need, Milwaukee Tools will likely have what you are looking for. Some of the tools available from Milwaukee Tools include the following:

  • Power tools – Fastening, drain cleaning, drilling, combo kits, plumbing, woodworking, electrical installation, dust management, concrete, vacuuming, cutting, and metal removal.
  • Hand tools – Fasting, cutting, pliers, mechanics tools, layout, measuring, marking, hammers, bending & pulling.


Milwaukee Tools have been in existence for almost a century. In that time, the company has made some incredible strides when it comes to tools that are more convenient and efficient. For instance, Milwaukee Tools have one of the top line-ups of cordless power tools. If you are interested in having the latest, greatest tools for your garage or your tool shed, then Milwaukee Tools are going to be your choice.


Because Milwaukee Tools sells to professional mechanics and industrial customers, their products are stronger and more durable than most of the competition. When you get a product from Milwaukee Tools, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time.

Cons of Milwaukee Tools

There are also some reasons why Milwaukee Tools may not be the best for your needs. Here’s a look at some of the cons of Milwaukee Tools


All that great product quality and innovation from Milwaukee Tools do not come cheap. In fact, you can expect to pay a premium no matter which Milwaukee Tool product that you get. This content is owned by moc.sotuaytsur. There are a number of retailers that sell their private label tools that will be significantly cheaper than what you will find from Milwaukee Tools.

Not available at some popular home improvement stores

While Milwaukee Tools are popular, they are not as easy to find as you would think. In fact, Lowes has not carried Milwaukee Tools since 2008 due to a supplier dispute. If you want to get Milwaukee Tools, you will have to do a little searching. Otherwise, you are better off getting your tools directly from Milwaukee Tools’ official site.

Alternatively, check out the Amazon link below – Milwaukee tools delivered to your door.

Amazon Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools cost comparison

It’s a good idea how Milwaukee Tools stack up against the competition. Here, we will take a look at a couple of select tools from Milwaukee Tools and their top competitors as well as private label brands.

Power Drill

  • Milwaukee – Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 Fuel ½’ hammer drill is $169 at Home Depot
  • DeWalt – DeWalt 20V coreless power drill ½’ is $102 at Home Depot
  • Craftsman – Craftsman Drill/Driver Kit ½’ is $79 at Lowest.

Mechanics Tool Set (108 piece ratchet & socket)

  • Milwaukee – Milwaukee ¼’ and ⅜’ drive 108 pieces Ratchet & socket set is $309.99 at Home Depot
  • DeWalt – DeWalt mechanics tools set 108 pieces is $72.01 at Home Depot
  • Husky – Husky ¼’ and ⅜’ drive 108 pieces Ratchet & socket set is $203 at Home Depot

Power Wrench

  • Milwaukee – Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel ½’ high torque impact wrench is $249 at Home Depot
  • DeWalt – DeWalt DCF8808B 20-Volt Li lon ½’ impact wrench kit with dentin pin is $139.22 at Home Depot
  • Craftsman – Craftsman V20 20 Volt ½’ cordless brushless impact wrench tool CNCF920B is $119 at Lowe’s

What are Milwaukee Tools Good for?

Now that we are familiar with Milwaukee Tools and their prices let’s take a look at who would gain the most benefit from Milwaukee Tools.

Professional mechanics

If you work in a garage or an industrial job, then Milwaukee Tools will have the innovation and the toughness that you need. Sure, the price of these tools will be higher. However, the durability of Milwaukee Tools may be of better value for you down the line.

Professional handyman

If you have a professional handyman business, then your tools will say a lot about you. When you use Milwaukee Tools, you will not only have durable tools for your job; you will put forth a professional appearance to your customer.

Serious weekend mechanics

Do you like to wrench on your vehicles each weekend? Like to run your own maintenance or repairs, on your car, boat, RV, ATV, motorbike, or whatever then Milwaukee Tools may be the best choice for you. Good tools always make a repair task easier.

Who Are Milwaukee Tools Not Good for?

Some people may be better off looking for an alternative to Milwaukee Tools. Here are those who may want to consider another tool brand.

A homeowner who only uses tools for repairs and occasional upgrades

If you have a home and need a wrench or a drill to occasionally handle some repairs or updates for your home, then Milwaukee Tools are going to be overkill. You will be better off saving your money and going with private label tools.

Occasional weekend mechanics

Perhaps you like to do your own oil changes and handle any other occasional maintenance on your vehicle and your home. In these cases, you really don’t need a set of premium tools from Milwaukee Tools. You will do just fine with a set of private label tools.

The Bottomline on Milwaukee Tools?

Overall, Milwaukee Tools’ premium build quality and excellent reputation make it a solid choice for professional mechanics. However, if you only need to use your tools once in a while, then you will be better off with a less expensive alternative. Be sure to check out each tool product listing before making a final purchasing choice.

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