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Are Snap-on Toolboxes Worth It? Mechanic says Yes!

Founded over 100 years ago, Snap-on is a company that manufactures tools and tool storage options. Their toolboxes are a favorite among professional mechanics because they make it easy to store and transport their many tools, but are Snap-on toolboxes worth it?

Snap-on toolboxes are built to last and make a great toolbox for a professional. However, if you’re short on money or space, other options might work just as well.

If you’re a professional who relies on your tools to make money, or someone who wants to start building your tool collection, Snap-on can offer space, durability, and safety. However, if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a toolbox, or you don’t have a lot of space, you may want to consider waiting on a Snap-on. It is worth noting though that you may be able to find a used toolbox, which could save you thousands of dollars.

Snap-on tool box in red

What is Snap-on?

Snap-on was founded in 1920 under the name “Snap-on Wrench Company.” At the time, their claim to fame was a wrench that featured 10 sockets and five interchangeable handles. ‘Five does the work of Fifty’. Eventually, Snap-on expanded its operation and developed a sales model that sent company dealers on the road to sell the tools to various mechanics across the country. The company has spent the last decade buying up smaller businesses and building one of the most popular tool manufacturing brands on the market today.

What Brands Does Snap-on Own?

According to their website, Snap-On claims the following brands:

Source: Snap-On

How Much Do Snap-on Toolboxes Cost?

Depending on the model, a toolbox from Snap-on could cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, one of their most expensive storage options is priced at a whopping $62,000 dollars. I hope it does dishes!

Considering Snap-on has been manufacturing tools and tool storage options for nearly a decade, it would be impossible to list every model. However, we examined some of the most popular options and listed their prices below.

SeriesRoll CabsTop ChestsWork CentersOverhead CabinetEnd CabinetLockersUtility Vehicles
EPIQ$13,135 To $32,060$7,930 To $12,530$4,040 To $4,795$2,085 To $2,985$4,415 To $4,435$3,785 To $6,485$30,445
Masters$4,480 To $15,430$3,595 To $9,480$3,920 To $4,695$1,300 To $2,775$2,525 To $3,375$2,785 To $4,250$22,955
Classic$3,040 To $10,340$2,870 To $5,250$3,240 To $3,690N/A$2,520 To $2,635$3,240 To $3,340N/A
Heritage$1,220 to $3,800$910 To $3,060N/AN/A$980 To $1,355N/AN/A
Mobil Solutions$1,245 to $5,875$99 (Micro)$1,215 To $1,515$1,245$268 To $3,585 (Road Chest)N/AN/A


It may be possible to find a used storage container online or find a lower quoted price from a dealer.

Advantages of Snap-On Toolboxes

Clearly, the biggest advantage of a toolbox is that it gives you a place to store your tools. By itself, this benefit is fantastic. Locating the tools you need quickly can save you a great deal of time and frustration. Additionally, Snap-on toolboxes come with several other awesome benefits, such as:

  • Safety and Mobility: Snap-on toolboxes are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. Moreover, their portability features, such as their draw locking system, and interchangeable drawers, allow people to really get the most from their boxes.
  • Roll Carts: Found in garages around the world, these hearty toolboxes are made with rolled safety edges, stiffeners on tops, and a skid support system down below.
  • Interchangeable drawers: If there was one thing that Snap-on did right in the very beginning, it was realizing that people + options = sales. This content is owned by moc.sotuaytsur. People like to have options, with their tools and their toolboxes. Many of the boxes that Snap-on sells can be customized to suit your needs, and most come with a foam inset that allows you better organization.
  • Durability: One of the most mentioned features among customers is how long their box has lasted. Users report years of wear and damage that the box has easily stood up too. Even their plastic boxes offer a rugged durability not often found among plastic toolboxes.
  • Space: The storage space of a Snap-on toolbox is almost unmatched. The boxes come in many assorted sizes and can hold different tools.

Disadvantages of Snap-On Toolboxes

Of course, you cannot talk about the advantages without also looking at the disadvantages of buying a Snap-on toolbox. Some disadvantages include:

  • Price: If you look at the chart above it is easy to understand how the price might become a disadvantage. It’s possible to get a much cheaper toolbox, so unless you really care about the quality of your tools, this may not be the box for you.
  • Size: Although space is an advantage, size can become a disadvantage. Many of the boxes weigh upwards of 500 lbs., so you could imagine how they could be difficult to move from location to location.

Customer Rating and Reviews

Almost like a badge of honor among mechanics and tool collectors, there’s no shortage of people willing to talk about and share their Snap-on toolbox with the world, but what are they saying?

Most Common Positive Reviews

  • They last for a long time and are covered by warranty.
  • The stature that comes with an expensive toolbox.
  • They hold tons of weight without worry.

Most Common Negative Reviews

  • The boxes are overpriced, and it is possible to get a similar box for much less.
  • Poor customer service after a sale.

I’ve worked as a mechanic for over twenty years, I use a mix of tools, MAC, Snap-on, Blue-Point, Teng, and a ton of other cheaper brands. I can’t say I prefer Snap-on tools to MAC because many of my favorite tools are a mix of brands. What I can tell you, I’ve never met a mechanic that was sorry they bought a Snap-on.

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