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Should I Buy a Tesla or Lexus? Helpful pros and cons list

Tesla and Lexus are among the best-selling luxury brands in the world. However, both of these top car brands are very different when it comes to their vehicle line-ups. If you are in the market for a luxury vehicle, then you may be considering either a Tesla or Lexus. So which one is best for you?

With a single charge range of approx. 350 miles, the Tesla is a perfect choice for commuters. Tesla offers the latest gadgets, effortless and fast driving experience. The Lexus hybrid is luxurious, comfortable, reliable, and is perfect for time-poor urban dwellers who frequently take long unplanned journeys.

Here, we are looking to take a look at both the pros and the cons of Tesla and Lexus luxury vehicles.

Lexus showroom

About Tesla

Tesla is the world’s largest seller of electric vehicles. Headed by the chromatic and brilliant Elon Musk, Tesla vehicles are known as a “game-changer” when it comes to design and performance. Top models in the Tesla line-up include the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model 3, the Tesla Model X, and the Tesla Model Y.

Pros of Buying a Tesla

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a Tesla. Here’s a look at the top pros of purchasing these electric vehicles:

Clean energy vehicles

Tesla’s electric vehicles are all clean energy vehicles. Instead of operating on gas or petrol, all Tesla vehicles use an electric battery tray to derive their power. That means that Tesla vehicles emit no carbon pollution. That also means that most Tesla vehicles are eligible for clean energy rebates.

Over the air updates

Since Tesla vehicles are essentially four-wheel “computers,” they are consistently enhanced through over-the-air updates. These updates can do everything from additional features to the vehicle’s infotainment system to improving acceleration.

High resale value

Tesla vehicles are known for having some of the highest resale values in the luxury vehicle world. In fact, it is not uncommon for a four-year-old Tesla to have a higher price than its original sticker cost.

Cons of Buying a Tesla

Tesla service center

While Tesla vehicles are certainly innovative, there are some downsides to the brand. Let’s take a look at some of the cons of purchasing a Tesla.

Poor quality build issues

Tesla vehicles are notorious for their lackluster build quality. Some of the issues found on Tesla vehicles include large gaps between the panels, poor paint quality, and loose-fitting materials inside the cabin.

No dealership service center network

As you may already know, Tesla does not have a conventional dealership network. Instead, Tesla sells their vehicles online and has a number of small showrooms around the country. Therefore, it can be a challenge to have your vehicle serviced if there are any defects or issues.

Cheap-looking interior for the price

One big gripe about Tesla vehicles is their cheap-looking interior, given their price point. This is especially true when you look at the top-end Model S and Model X vehicles whose stick price can go well into the six figures.

Range anxiety

Range anxiety is real, having driven an electric vehicle recently on a cross-country trip I was genuinely surprised at how preoccupied I became with the battery level and distance to the next charger. I wasn’t quite prepared for how much planning it takes.

And when you arrive at the charger station will a charger be available? I found this aspect of driving an EV unsettling, that said I really loved driving it. Fast, quiet, effortless, and super easy to drive. I loved it and that surprised me too.

They’ll eventually work out the charging infrastructure and given most drivers will use a Tesla to commute this is a non-problem. But if you are planning a road trip, I’d hire a Lexus.

About Lexus

New Lexus at car show

Lexus has been one of the top-selling luxury brands for over four decades. As a part of the Toyota family, Lexus benefits from the large auto company’s incredible resources to build top-quality luxury vehicles. All modern Lexus models are Hybrids and there are full electric models available. The best-selling models in the Lexus brand include the Lexus ES, the Lexus RX, and the Lexus LS.

Pros of Buying a Lexus

Lexus has been a top-seller for good reason. Here’s a look at the three major reasons why you should consider purchasing a Lexus.

Excellent build quality

Lexus has been known to build some of the best quality vehicles on the road today. From the vehicle’s fit and finish to its bullet-proof build quality, you can be sure that any Lexus that you purchase will be trouble-free for the first several years. In fact, car journalist Matt Farah has talked extensively about his “Million MIle Lexus.”

Incredible Interior Design

When it comes to luxury interiors, Lexus does it better than just about anyone else. You won’t find any gimmicky designs inside a Lexus. Instead, you will find top appointments, comfortable seats, and a first-class cabin. Those who have bemoaned the dip in interior cabin quality from other luxury brands will find no compromises inside many Lexus models.

Top dealership experience

Luxury vehicle drivers expect a top dealership experience and Lexus knows how to deliver in that respect. Lexus dealerships are known for their incredible level of service in all of their departments from sales to parts and service.

Hybrid engine

All modern Lexus employ hybrid technology and as an early adaptor across the range, Toyota has all the bugs ironed out. Many other luxury brands are playing catch up and have a ton to learn about hybrid vehicles.

While Lexus hybrids employ a gas engine they still remain an excellent way to help the environment without the range anxiety of a fully electric vehicle.

Cons of Buying a Lexus

While Lexus is a top luxury brand, there may be some reasons why you may not want to consider these vehicles. Here’s a look at some of the top cons of purchasing a Lexus.

Tech features are lacking

Lexus’s dedication to quality comes at a price. To ensure that there are no issues with the vehicle’s tech features, Lexus often uses infotainment technology that is a generation behind the competition. While these ensure a more stable tech setup, you are left with fewer features than those found in other brands.

Unexciting exterior style

You won’t find the express lines found in other luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Tesla. Lexus likes to play it safe when it comes to its vehicle’s designs. While some long-time Lexus owners appreciate the conservative approach to design, others may not be too keen on it.

Conservative performance numbers

Lexus is really more about a comfortable driving experience rather than an exhilarating performance. Therefore, you should not expect many Lexus models to give you the type of handling that comes from a BMW or the acceleration that you will find in a Tesla.

Who Should Buy a Tesla?

Tesla on car lot

Tesla vehicles are ideal for those who want the latest tech toy on the road. With its leading infotainment interface to its incredible electric acceleration, there is really nothing like a Tesla on the road today.

Who Should Buy a Lexus?

For those who want to feel as though they are “driving” a private jet, the Lexus is a top choice. You get a first-class cabin with a comfortable driving experience and legendary reliability. As a hybrid, Lexus is playing its part in the solution to cleaner transport.

Deciding Between the Purchase of a Tesla or a Lexus

Whether you purchase a Tesla or a Lexus, you will be enjoying one of the most popular luxury vehicles on the road. You may want to consider test-driving a vehicle from both brands before making a purchasing decision.

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