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How To Use Car Heater Video

On this page, you’ll find a short video outlining car heater controls for the beginner. I’ve also added some HVAC maintenance tips together with some tools to help maintain the system like a pro.

HVAC Maintenence

HVAC systems don’t require a ton of maintenance, but like all systems, they will need a little love. Most maintenance tasks are inexpensive and don’t require any tools. However, some tasks will require more effort and specialized tools and so are likely best left to your local shop.

Here’s a list of HVAC maintenance tasks that should ideally be performed. In the real world, of course, many of these aren’t. I’ve broken this list into easy DIY tasks and those that will require tools:

Easy DIY tasks

  • Remove tree fall from the windshield cowl drain – turn of every season
  • Replace cabin filter – annually
  • Check and clear airconditioning drain – annually
  • Add anit bacterial spray to the HVAC vents – annually

Require tools

  • Replace aircon refrigerant and add fresh lube – every three years
  • Backflush coolant system – every four years
  • Replace coolant system thermostat – every four years
  • Replace coolant system waterpump – every four years

If you’re going to tackle coolant system maintenance yourself, then you may find the tools on the Coolant system maintenance page helpful.

Here I’ve listed a couple of products to help keep your vehicle’s HVAC system working at its best.

This kit will deodorize and remove bacteria that build up inside vehicle HVAC systems. It’s easy to use and works instantly. Picture links to

Why not treat your cabin to a fresh new cabin filter. They are inexpensive and easy to fit. I wrote a post about adding a freshener to your cabin filter, it includes fitting a cabin filter. Takes just minutes on most vehicles. Check out the Amazon Cabin Filter link below.

Amazon Cabin Filters