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Coolant System Tools

On this page, you’ll find pro tools to nail coolant systems like a pro. I own and use many of these tools and supplies, and so I know they’re good.

A No-spill funnel makes filling and purging air from the coolant system easy. If you’re going to flush or change your coolant, this tool will make you look like a pro.

Remote hose clamp tool made by Astro. Some coolant hose clamps are impossible to access without the use of this ingenious tool.

Ethylene Glycol coolant tester, easy to use and durable. Take a sample of the coolant, read the floating discs to check coolant strength, simple!

I love my refractometer because it does it all, and measures both coolant types – ethylene glycol and propylene. Measures the freezing point of windshield washer fluid. Not only that, it measures the specific gravity of battery acid, which indicates the state of charge. It also measures Urea strength in DPF fluid.

Blown Head Gasket Repair

Bar’s leaks are one of the best in the business. I wouldn’t use this on a fresh engine; I’d replace the gasket. But head gasket repair isn’t economical on older vehicles, and Bar’s is the way to go. There’s a different potion for each type of leak you have; see the chart on the sales page. Try and match your type of leak to their chart for the best chance at success.

Leak down tester is great for finding worn rings, valves, leaking gaskets, etc. You will need a shop air or hobby compressor to operate this kit. It’s easy to use, big gauges easy to read, but most often, your ears tell you where your problem is.

Combustion leak test kit. Head gasket failure isn’t always so obvious. In those cases, use this chemical leak tester. Check for combustion chamber leaks into the coolant system. Comes with a test tool and chemical; enough product here for about a dozen tests.

Perfect coolant system and rad cap test kit. Coolant leaks out, and air sneaking into your coolant system are common causes of overheating, poor heat, and intermittent heat. Very often, the issue is simple, a bad coolant cap or loose hose clamp. This little tool, while not premium quality, is perfect for the occasional user.

It pressurizes the system and the gauge, and your ears will tell you if there’s a leak. Check that it suits your vehicle before pulling the trigger.

US-made Valvoline, a leading supplier of top-quality anti-freeze coolants. Valvoline antifreeze is premixed, so ready to fill or top up your coolant system as needed. Safe to use in all vehicles and mix with all colors of coolant. It’s conveniently delivered to your door by Picture links out to

Prestone coolant system flush is a heavy-duty coolant system cleaner. It cleans corrosion from the whole system – engine passageways, radiator, heater core, auxiliary coolers like EGR, Turbo cooler lines, Alternator, Throttle bodies, etc.