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Land Rover Discovery Window Regulator Removal

Landrover window regulator

The window stuck up or down, either way, it’s a pain in the jacksie. If you own a discovery long enough, you’ll be replacing at least one, it’s a common failure.

So, how do you replace a Land Rover Discovery window regulator? To replace the regulator, follow these 7 steps:

  1. Remove the 6 door cover screws
  2. Remove the 2 widow rail 8mm bolts
  3. Use Duct tape to secure window in the up position
  4. Disconnect the window motor
  5. Loosen the six 8mm regulator bolts
  6. Remove four of the six regulator bolts
  7. Wrestle the regulator, and free it

Replacing the window regulator isn’t the worst job on a Land Rover. In this guide, I’ll list all the tools you’ll need and a few helpful tips. I also cover replacing the door glass, which isn’t necessary to replace the regulator.

If you have electrical problems, check out my Land Rover Discovery electric window troubleshooting guide, it covers all the most common faults.

Tools You’ll Need To Replace The Window Regulator

Mechanics light

Good light is super important and critical when you reach a certain age, I can’t work without it, but when I was younger…..

The tools and supplies you’ll need for this job include:

  • Duct tape
  • Inspection light
  • Phillips (Star head) screwdriver
  • 8mm socket, medium extension and ratchet
  • Trim tool (optional)
  • White synthetic grease
  • Petroleum based Moly grease
  • Silicone spray
  • WD40 spray can

Removing Land Rover Discovery Door Card

landrover door card removal

This is pretty easy, you’ll need a medium-sized Phillips (Star Head) screwdriver. Remove all seven screws, the order isn’t important.

The black door handle trim will need to be manipulated sideways to encourage it to let go. Some of the screws, although loosened, will stick in the recess of the door card.

That isn’t a problem, but when you pull on the door card later to release it, the screws may come free. So have your work area clear, which makes them easier to spot.

Now starting at the bottom and working up either side of the door, pull out gently but firmly, to you. This releases the plastic door clips, it’s not unusual for them to break, so if you prefer you can buy a trim tool to remove them.

Landrover door card

However, even with the trim tool they can break, they’re plastic, so you know!

With the clips released, lift the door car upwards over the door lock button. Now remove the speaker connections, they just pull off. But be careful, as they can be stubborn and it’s possible to damage the speaker.

Removing The Regulator

Landrover discovery window regulator removal

Remove the draft/moisture barrier plastic sheet from the door. Try not to damage it, as we’ll stick it back down when reassembling. My test model had been butchered in a previous repair.

Before removing the wiring from the window motor, lower the window to the lowest position.

Now disconnect the window motor wiring plug connector, it’s attached at the top of the door, close to the upper hinge area.

If your motor isn’t working or the window is jammed in the upper position, go ahead and remove the two 8mm bolts on the right of the above picture.

This will allow the window to drop so that the two window rail 8mm bolts can be accessed.

Remove the two window rail 8 mm bolts and push the window glass to the upper position (closed). Have a helper duct tape it there securely. I tape it in several places, right across the door frame.


If you haven’t already, go ahead now and loosen the 6 bolts then remove the 4 as detailed in the top picture.

Remove the short runner, and manipulate the window regulator from the door.

Lubricate The Regulator Before Fitting

Lack of proper lubrication is the cause of most regulator and window motor failures. The extra stress of dry moving components causes them to wear out and break, prematurely.

Common Land Rover window regulator failures are:

  • Worn bushings
  • Broken bushings
  • Bent regulator arm
  • Worn regulator teeth
  • Broken regulator spot welds

If you’re fitting a used regulator, clean off the old dry grease using white spirits and a paintbrush.

lube the window rail

The runners and bushings need a good coat of lube. The bushings are made from plastic and petroleum-based greases will damage rubber and plastic components. So we use synthetic greases which are plastic and rubber safe.

The motor gear and the regulator’s teeth get a coat of petroleum Moly grease or copper grease, which will help guard against metal wear.


Landrover window regulator

The installation is just the reverse of removal. However, you may need to plug in the motor to temporally maneuver the regulator into the fitting position, as seen in the picture above.

With the regulator and short runner in place, but not bolted tight yet, release your window duct tape, and lower it gently to the regulator. Go ahead and fit the two 8mm bolts.

Window regulator

Now tighten all bolts, connect electric motor, and test, adjustment of the runners may be required.

Replace the wind/moisture sheet using duct tape if needed, remember to plug in your speaker and align the door panel clips with their holes before striking the door cover with your hand sharply to fit.

When complete, spray some silicone spray on the felt seals of the window channels, this will lighten the load on the motor, regulator and the window will move like butter.

Replacing Land Rover Door Glass

The door glass does not need to be removed to fit the window regulator. Replacing the door glass will require the removal of the regulator and in addition, we’ll need to remove five extra bolts.

Two T40 Torx bolts on either side of the door frame need to be removed. One 13mm bolt close to the upper door hinge and two 10mm bolts, one on each side at the bottom of the window channels.

Landrover window removal
Landrover window repair

Remove the weatherstrip and with the frame fasteners removed, push the frame of the door window upwards. This will give you the room to turn the window sideways, which releases it from the channels. Now you’re free to pull the glass up through the frame, with the glass at a 45° angle.

Fitting the glass is the reverse of all of the above. In addition, while you have the glass removed, go ahead and spray some silicone spray on the felt window channels.

Related Questions

What do you do if your car window won’t go up? Check the window motor fuse and the wiring in the door opening. Remove the door cover, release the window from the regulator, push the window up and secure with duct tape until a more permanent repair is made.

How to calibrate electric car windows? Let the window down, now press and hold the power window button in the up position and continue to hold for 3 seconds after it reaches the top. Now do the same for the down position, your window is now calibrated.