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Car Floor Wet Video

This page is dedicated to helping you find the source of that water leak. By the end of this video, you’ll understand the common causes of a wet floor mat and how to diagnose them.

Wet floor mats are a right pain, they cause car windows to fog up and a damp moldy smell you just can’t clean away. Finding a car leak is as you may know not so easy. Finding and fixing car leaks often requires interior strip-outs and that’s labor-intensive.

The best approach is to check all the easy-to-check items first, checking cowl drain, the air-cond drains, and sunroof drains is easy and for many, the simple answer will be the right answer.

However, if simple solutions don’t yield a result and you need to go deeper, stop first and think on the problem.

Ask yourself some detective-type questions, like:

  • When does the leak seem worst?
  • Does it leak after a car wash?
  • Does it leak when it rains?
  • Does it leak worst on a hill?
  • Can you hear water sloshing around?
  • Does your car heater work OK?

Stripping a car to find a water leak is often not required and I avoid stripping interiors if possible. Stripping interiors is a ton of work and also risks breaking delicate trim clips and which causes irritating interior rattles.

The usual causes of water leaks include:

  1. Blocked windshield cowl drain
  2. Blocked air conditioning drain
  3. Leaking heating system
  4. Blocked sunroof drain
  5. Windshield seal fault

These leaks are all covered in the post “Car floor wet under mat”.

Tools You’ll Need To Fix A Car Water Leak

Here’s a list of tools and supplies that will help the whole job move like butter.

A head-mounted lamp is like having a third hand a real advantage when you are doing battle. This rechargeable LEd head-mounted lamp is conveniently sold and delivered by

A garden hose is an excellent tool for finding water leaks.

3M make great products and their windshield sealer is top quality. It’s a Urethane sealer and it’s easy to work it cures quickly and has no problem hearing to painted surfaces. You will require a manual or air-operated caulking gun.

US-made Second Skin butyl double-sided sealant tape is excellent for sealing larger gaps. It’s 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick, but workable. It’s waterproof and perfect for gaps of various sizes.