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Are WeatherTech Mats Worth It? Here’s what customers say

There’s nothing better than a new car. New car feel, new car smell, and new car clean. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before the high-traffic areas of your vehicle begin to show wear and tear, and nowhere is this truer than the floor in front of the seats.

Luckily, some geniuses of the past invented floor mats, and today, you can find them in just about any size, shape, and color. Weathertech is one of the biggest names in the floor mat industry, but they can be quite expensive, which has led people to wonder, are weather tech mats worth it?

Made with high-quality materials, designed with advanced technology, and covered by a limited lifetime warranty, WeatherTech floor mats are worth the money so long as they fit properly in your vehicle.

Because a large majority of shoppers have complained about the mats not fitting properly, we would suggest that buyers read reviews for their specific vehicle before buying to see if an improper fit is a well-known issue for that make and model. Otherwise, customers were incredibly happy with their purchase, and several of them had gone on to outfit all the vehicles in their household with WeatherTech mats.

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What Is the Difference Between a Floor Mat and a Floor Liner?

When discussing Weathertech floor mats, it’s important to understand that there is a difference between a floor mat and a floor liner. A floor mat is comparable to a sectional rug. It covers the areas that your feet will be most likely to touch. While a liner covers the front, back, and sides of your vehicle’s floor well. 

Which one you choose to use will ultimately depend on the amount of protection and coverage that you need and how much you wish to spend. Liners are typically more expensive than mats, but they do protect against water and spills much better than mats.

They’re an excellent choice for people who live in areas that see a lot of rain or snow. Mats offer great protection against wear, especially if you wear high heels, but do not offer much protection to the side carpet areas. 

Advantages of a Weathertech Floor Mat

When shopping for floor mats, Weathertech mats are sure to end up on your list of considerations, and for good reasons. Some of the advantages of Weathertech floor mats include:

  • Custom Fit: According to Weathertech, every mat is custom-tailored to fit the specifications of each vehicle. Using DigitalFit technology to scan and measure the configuration of different vehicles, engineers gather precise measurements and input the data into a platform, which then creates a 3D model of the floor mat.
  • Durability: Mats are made using a variety of materials, all sourced in the United States. This heavy-duty material is one of the reasons that Weathertech mats are so expensive because the hope is that you’ll only have to buy them once for each vehicle.
  • Protection: Engineers have spent countless hours drafting and testing various designs to ensure that you are getting a product that both looks great and offers superior protection.
  • User Friendly: While some mats can be hard to install, Weathertech mats are known for their easy installation. Simply throw them in your vehicle and you are good to go. Additionally, they are easy to remove and clean.
  • Smell: Some lesser quality mats will trap moisture and start to smell musty, but Weathertech mats are designed to prevent obnoxious or harmful odors from occurring.
  • American Made: While this is not an advantage per se, there are people who prefer to buy products made in America. Supporting this company helps to generate jobs in many industries.
  • Warranty: Weathertech stands behind its products by offering a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Value: Damage to the interior of your vehicle can affect the resell value significantly. In fact, in some cases, interior damage may drop a car that would otherwise be considered in perfect condition down to good or fair condition value. Therefore, it is important to protect your vehicle against damage, and Weathertech mats can help you keep your floors looking brand new.

WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech offers a variety of floor mats to their customers and each one comes with its own unique features and benefits. However, there are a few features that all WeatherTech mats share. They are all:

  • Made with an advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer compound which is OEM approved.
  • Free of latex, cadmium, lead, or harmful PVC’s.
  • 100% recyclable and the company has taken great strides to ensure that all of their unused material or waste is reused or recycled in a way that is respectful to the environment.
  • Engineered to stay in place and remain flexible despite the weather conditions.

All-Weather Floor Mats

WeatherTech All-Weather floor mats are a wonderful choice for someone who is looking for superior protection from the elements. WeatherTech mats are:

  • Made with a protective, non-stick finish to make cleaning them a breeze.
  • Available for cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs.
  • Model specific and designed with superior technology to ensure a perfect fit in any vehicle.
  • Manufactured in America to ISO 9001 standards and meet FMVSS302 standards.

Trim-to-Fit Floor Mats

Since there are so many variations in the way that vehicles are made, it’s impossible to create a universal floor mat that will satisfy everyone. However, WeatherTech’s Trim-to-Fit mats have come remarkably close. Trim-to-Fit mats are:

  • Made to fit virtually any vehicle with its unique shaping features.
  • One of the highest-rated semi-universal floor mats on the market in terms of affordability, dependability, and practicality.
  • Designed to deliver superior converge for front and rear floors.
  • Made with a tall outer ridge to trap liquid and debris from getting on the vehicle’s original flooring.
  • Features a patented TechGrip II device and molded-in nibs, which ensure the mat is secure.
  • Have easy-to-use trim lines, which help the customer trim the mat to their vehicle’s specifications.

Cargo/Trunk Mats

Cargo and trunk mats are designed to protect the carpeting in your vehicle’s cargo or trunk area. They are perfect for people who spend a lot of time hauling sports equipment, often travel to sandy areas, or use their vehicle as a work vehicle. Cargo/Truck mats are:

  • Made to fit virtually any vehicle due to its Trim-to-Fit feature.
  • One of the highest-rated all-vehicle cargo/trunk mats on the market in terms of affordability, dependability, and practicality.
  • Designed with specially engineered reservoirs and ridges to keep water and debris from reaching your original carpeting.
  • Engineered for safety and feature the patented TechGrip II retention device and modeled in nibs to keep the mat securely in place.

Do WeatherTech Mats Have a Warranty?

Yes. All WeatherTech mats come with a limited lifetime warranty which warrants that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product while owned by the original purchaser and so long as they remain in the vehicle in which they were originally installed. You can find out more about the limited lifetime warranty here.

How Much Do WeatherTech Floormats Cost?

How much you can expect to spend on a floor mat will depend on the vehicle you own, the type of mat you are buying, and the location from which you buy the floor mat. Although we are specifically focusing on WeatherTech floor mats, you can find the average price for all their floor mats and liners below.

ProductRatingAverage Price
All-Weather Floor MatsReviewed 856 times with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.$29.95 – $174.90
Trim-to-Fit Floor MatsReviewed 36 times with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.$49.95 – $54.95
Trim-to-Fit Cargo/Trunk MatsReviewed 20 times with a rating of 4/1 out of 5 stars.$49.95
Heavy Duty Trim-to-Fit Floor MatReviewed 7 times with a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.$54.95
Cargo/Truck LinerReviewed 1698 times with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.$89.95 – $299.00
FloorLinerReviewed 3750 times with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.$59.95 – $299.85
FloorLiner HPReviewed 600 times with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.$59.95 – $289.95

Source: WeatherTech

Are WeatherTech Mats Worth the Money?

To determine if WeatherTech floor mats are worth the money, we looked at the reviews of people who had spent their hard-earned cash on these mats and this is what they had to say.

Worth It

  • “Works great, especially with sand. All I have to do is vacuum the sand out of the grooves and I am good to go.” (Thomas – Chevy, Equinox)
  • “This is my second purchase, the best floor mats anyone could own. They protect the interior carpet against heavy foot traffic and can easily be removed at a car wash.” (Marsha – BMW)
  • “To my delight, the WeatherTech mats turned out to be the best purchase I could have made. The fit is unbeatable, and the design is fantastic!” (Anonymous – Nissan, Pathfinder)

Not Worth It

  • “Does not fit properly and looks very tacky. Talked to customer service and they gave me the run around before finally sending replacement mats, which also did not fit.” (Disappointed – Lexus, GX)
  • “The mats slide all over the place in the vehicle and were not designed to use the factory lock to prevent movement. For $100 dollars, you should get a product that does what it says it will do.” (Anonymous – Ford, Explorer)
  • “Very, VERY, poor customer service. Will never buy from this company again. Don’t waste your time.” (Janet – Toyota, Highlander)
  • “You cannot move the middle seats at all with the 2nd and 3rd floor mats. Be prepared to have to cut out the tracks because otherwise, the way the mat is constructed, the seat cannot be moved.” (Mark Toyota, Sienna)

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