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Adjusting Tire Pressure Video

Author: Qualified mechanic John Cunningham. Published: 2021/12/03 at 4:45 pm.

Adjusting tire pressure is a simple procedure but an important one. Correct tire pressure isn’t just easier on the engine and improves gas mileage. It’s also a safety issue. Correctly inflated tires are really important for handling and braking performance.

By the end of this video, you’ll know how to locate your vehicle’s tire specification, how to attach and read a tire gauge, and how to add air and remove air.

Trunk Tools You Hope You Don’t Ever Need

Here, you’ll find a few tools for the trunk, you know, emergency-type kit you like to have but hope not to use. To see the full list of recommended trunk tools, check out the Trunk essentials page.

Below, you’ll find Slime, a leading supplier of quality emergency tire repair kit. The kit includes Slime tire sealer and a pump that runs from your vehicle’s 12 v power point. It’s conveniently delivered to your door by Picture links out to

Below you’ll find a four-valve kit with a valve key tool by Slime, a top tire repair supplier. Of course, it’s conveniently delivered to your door by Picture links out to

Below, you’ll find a DeWalt impact wrench. Surely we won’t need this to change a valve? No, this is part of that MacGyver trunk wish list. Picture links out to

Below, you’ll find an off-road solution to lifting your vehicle. In true MacGyver style, you can use the fumes from the car exhaust to inflate the bag and lift the car, an ingenious solution. Picture links out to Amazon.

Below, you’ll find XOOL emergency breakdown warning triangle. It includes high-visibility vests and gloves. Picture links out to