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Trunk Essentials

On this page, you’ll find useful emergency tools and spares that will save your ass when you are in a pinch.

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The NOCO jump starter pack is a serious tool, don’t let its size fool you. This little guy fights way above its weight. Capable of starting a diesel truck engine and yet small enough to fit in your glove box.

It features smart design and technology, it won’t allow you to connect its backways and it features a no spark technology, meaning it doesn’t arc when connected to the battery, nice!

It’s powered by the latest technology lithium battery. But it’s got a few more tricks, it’s a fast charger too (2 hours), which means you can use it to charge your car, truck, boat, mower, snow blower battery as well as jump-start them.

Other features include – a charge port for charging your phone or iPad, comes with an eight-mode hand lamp (500 lumens), a 12v 15amp port to power air pumps, or whatever.

I’m a fan.

It’s first on the list because without battery power our car is going nowhere. Finding somebody to give you a boost isn’t usually a problem, but not having cables is. The Cartman 20ft booster cable is a good quality set of jumpers that will work when you need them.

Copper-coated alligator clips for enhanced connectivity and a coinvent carrier bag for neat trunk storage. You’ll never need another set.

This is a superset of jumpers for those that are unsure of the jumpstart polarity. The smart jumpers employ an integrated light to indicate incorrect jumper location. In addition, the light panel lets you know the battery state of charge and how well the alternator is performing.

US-made Valvoline is a leading maker of automotive lubricants. Your vehicle won’t run without motor oil and so makes sense to store a quart or two in the trunk.

US-made Valvoline is a leading maker of automotive lubricants. Transmission fluid is obviously important to your vehicle and vehicles that tow puts an extra load on the transmission. Having a few quarts in the trunk is a top idea.

US-made Valvoline is a leading maker of automotive lubricants and fluids. Valvoline antifreeze is premixed, so ready to fill or top up your coolant system as needed. Safe to use in all vehicles and mix with all colors of coolant.

Prestone is a leader in automotive fluids, this top-quality De-Icer windshield washer fluid will keep your windshield clear all winter.

I can’t work without good light, if I don’t have good light I find the job goes downhill quickly. Enuotek built this tough mechanics light, I’ve had several of these lamps, not because they break but because I lose them.

I’ve bounced mine on the ground so many times, and it survived. They are a real MacGyver of a lamp, magnet, hooks, led area light, and spotlight.

Life-saving tire sealer and pump. Even if your car has a spare wheel. A sealer and pump is often safer to use than struggling with a flat by the roadside.

Prestone is a leader in automotive fluids, this 2 pack of top-quality De-Icer with an integrated scraper will help keep your windshield and side windows frost-free all winter long.

Rain-X is a leader in glass care. I’ve been using their windshield repellant for years and it’s good. If you do a ton of night driving you know how tiring it can be, especially in the rain. Rain-X causes the rain to sheet and runs from the windshield. Good stuff!

DeWalt Max XR cordless 20v Impact wrench makes any job a pleasure. It has the power to bust open rusty fasteners and is an excellent tool for the truck of your car. DeWalt makes great products, this is the latest in brushless tech and they go on and on.

I wrote a post about Impact wrenches and what I look for, I also cover a little about why I think the DeWalt is the business, you can check it out here.

An impact wrench needs specialized sockets, ordinary 1/2 inch sockets will fit but they aren’t a match for the power of the DeWalt. Impact sockets are specially hardened for the job.

Antivibration gloves are important, using impact guns for prolonged periods can damage nerves in the hands and arms. It’s a condition known as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and as yet there’s no cure. If you intend to use an impact wrench for a living, please do wear anti-vibration gloves.

The Vgo is a good quality glove, it’s tough, offers anti-vibration protection, is breathable, and is touch screen capable.

PT Stubby set is perfect for emergency repairs, small enough to stow in the trunk. It covers all the basics, a ratcheting driver with bits set. An adjustable wrench and a ratchet set with Metric and standard sizes. An adaptor 1/4 to 3/8 makes it a versatile set.

Every vehicle should come from the factory with Vice Grips in the trunk.

An ingenious solution to lifting your vehicle either off-road or on. In true MacGyver style, you can use the fumes from the car exhaust to inflate the bag and lift the car. Picture links out to Amazon.

XOOL emergency breakdown warning triangle. It includes high visibility vests and gloves. Picture links out to

A 250 fuse assortment of standard blade fuses and mini blade fuses from 2 amp to 40 amp, includes fuse chart and fuse pulling tool.

Selection of bulbs including side marker light, license plate light, stop lamp, rear lamp, turn signal lamp, interior dome lamp, dashboard bulb, back up lamp.

Rhino heavy-duty off-road recovery tow rope may be too much tow strap for some, personally, I love them.

Four-pack 15ft 500lbs ratchet straps and two Bungie cord pack.

This is a dependable quality tool made by USA firm Resqme. It’s fitted to your keys and used in an emergency to cut seat belts and break glass.

Cable tie kit also know as Zip ties have a ton of uses and are excellent for emergency repairs.

Duck tape holds the world together. I love it.

WD40 is my most favorite tool.