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Window Maintenance Video

This one maintenance chore will save you a ton of trouble and some expensive common window failures.

Common Window Problems

Windows give a ton of issues, and you won’t be surprised to learn it’s generally the driver’s window that suffers the most. And of course, it is the window you can least be without.

Here’s a list of the top window symptoms, likely faults, and recommended repairs.

SymptomLikely FaultRecommended Repair
Window slowDry sealLube seal
Window goes up but won’t stay upDry seal Lube seal
Window won’t moveFaulty – fuse, switch, wiring, or motorDiagnosis required
Window falls downFaulty regulatorReplace regulator

Window issues are either electrical or mechanical. But by far the most common window issue is a dry window seal and luckily it’s also the easiest to fix. It’s covered pretty well in the video above.

Lubing all window seals is the best way to prevent window failure and is great at extending the life of a beginning to fail window component. A slow-moving window is a sure sign the seals need lubing. The dry seals are causing excessive friction, another common symptom is a window that almost closes but instead, stops and reverses.

If ignored dry window seals go on to cause all kinds of problems from blown fuses, damaged motors failed regulators even broken glass. It’s amazing what a little timely maintenance can do.

I’ve listed a quality silicone lube below together with some other tools to help troubleshoot electrical problems a ton easier.

Tools and Supplies Needed

Silicone lube is great for rubber protection and lubrication. Helps sticky windows glide in the window tracks and helps silence squeaky door shut seals.

A Power probe is an excellent tool to have around. Great for testing circuits, relays, fuses, checking battery voltage, checking alternator output, checking the ground, volt drop testing. I’ve had a power probe forever and it’s still going strong.

An inexpensive test light lights red for power and green for ground. Sharp probe for piercing wiring, where back probing isn’t possible.

A head-mounted lamp is like having a third hand a real advantage when you’re doing battle. This rechargeable LED head-mounted lamp is conveniently sold and delivered by