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Rust Repair Tools

On this page, you’ll find tools and products that make rust repair and vehicle preservation easy. I use these products myself and so I know they work.

A good rust converter is mission-critical. No point priming and painting if in a few months you find rust blisters popping up all over. A generous coat of Rust-Oleum will kill the corrosion dead.

I like Rust-Oleum products. This is their underbody coating, comes in aerosol or in a larger container suitable for Shultz gun. Its a rubberized coating and so it flexes with your car’s body this helps prevent cracking which is what causes corrosion to take hold.

The coating protects from corrosion and also helps reduce road noise.

Noico soundproofing butyl self-sticking sheets – 2mm thick and come in various sizes. Makes a fantastic difference in older classic cars, helps quieten road noise and helps reduce panel vibration, and enhances acoustics within the cabin.