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Mechanics Consumables

On this page, you’ll find useful lubes, cleaners, and fluids that all perform a particular function. I use these products daily and have done them for many years.

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Copper grease is used widely for many applications. It protects from corrosion and galling the main cause of frozen bolts. Copper grease is great in hot locations too, unlike other greases it won’t run when hot. Anti-seize applications used on wheel hubs, spark plug threads, O2 sensor threads, etc.

Permatex is a premium brake lube used on pads, floating caliper rails/slides, and hubs. Doesn’t wash off and is resistant to heat and moisture. Prevents brake squeal.

Lucas has a great name in automotive lubes. My father introduced me to them many years ago. White grease is used on metal-to-metal contact and it’s perfect for door hinges and hood latches. It’s nonsticky and acts as a water repellant.

3m make top quality products. Brake cleaner is likely one of the most used products in a pro shop. It is used not just to clean brake components and prevent brake squeal but also to clean spilled liquids like brake fluid, oil grease. The cleaner is an aerosol and is powerful enough flush grit from components.

Another 3M quality product, every gas-powered engine will need the throttle body or carburetor cleaned at some point. A hanging idle is a sure sign your throttle body is contaminated by carbon deposits. The 3M cleaner is easy to use and you’ll notice the difference right away, better performance, more power, greater fuel economy.

Got to be the greatest product ever made, I love it and use it several times a day. It has saved me a ton of trouble so many times. My advice, always has one in the trunk.

Silicone lube is great for rubber protection and lubrication. Helps sticky windows glide in the window tracks and helps silence squeaky door shut seals.

3m Silicone grease is a grease compatible with both rubber and metal. Regular grease causes rubber seals, boots, etc. to swell, and swelling usually causes bigger problems later. A mechanic commonly uses silicone grease on floating brake caliper fasteners where nylon bushing and rubber seal are present.

Fuel treatment is essential especially for gas-powered engines that lay idle for long periods. Gas degrades and can gum up the fuel system causing thousands of dollars in needless expenses. Adding a measure of fuel stabilizer, typically a tablespoon to one gallon is enough to keep your gas fresh for two years.

Use the stabilizer in all your garden kit and toys too, (2 and 4 stroke) riding mowers, push mowers, saws, snowblowers, dirt bikes, ATVs, Boats, Skidoos, etc.

All-weather windshield washer by Prestone, it’s a quality product with anti-freezing protection that melts snow and ice.

MAF (Mass Airflow) sensor is tasked with measuring airflow to the engine, the ECU relies on this info to perform fueling calculations. Cleaning the MAF therefore often sharpens up throttle responses.

The throttle body is tasked with responding to throttle response. Carbon deposits, dust, and grit gather on the throttle plate causing it to struggle to idle evenly and respond to throttle demands.

Cleaning is simple, spray the components with the specialized CRC cleaners.