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Car Cleaning Tools

On this page, you’ll find useful car care products and tools that help protect your vehicle and give it that showroom shine.

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Auto detailing gel, excellent for those really annoyingly awkward places, you know where I’m talking about. It’s non-sticky, lavender-scented, and reusable (replace it when it turns grey).

This 16 piece kit from the Chemical Guys is great, it’s basically everything you need to get that showroom shine all in one purchase. It includes cool products like the grit-catching bucket, foam gun, and the latest technology in microfiber towels.

We all love our pets, however, trapped dog hair in our fabric furnishings, headliners, seats, and carpets can be a little annoying, especially when you vacuum the car and that hair just won’t budge. The pros use this wonderful tool called the Lilly brush, which is kind of funny because our cat is called Lilly, it must be a sign Lilly!

This purpose-designed long handle brush saves an old man back when cleaning wheels and wheel arches, it’s tough but soft in the right places.

I’ve been using my soft silicone squeegee for years, it’s great for removing water from paintwork and glass quickly without damaging the clear coat.

This is a pro secret to silky smooth flawless paintwork. It’s a clay towel which when rubbed across the paintwork remove’s microscopic dirt and grit that would otherwise tear at the clear coat surface. It’s a pre-treatment before waxing or polishing.

Dupli-Color has a great name in paint touch-up repair sticks. I’ve been using these for years. It’s an all-in-one stick, primer, paint color, and clear coat. It also includes a very fine pen-like applicator or brush, all in one tool. It covers most models and you can check yours by clicking on the picture. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan.

Great quality polish from Carfidant, perfect for lightly damaged paintwork. Comes with an easy-to-use applicator, or you can use the buffer. It’s safe to use on old or new paint coatings. Will remove scratches, swirl marks, tree sap and restore dull paint. You’ll still need to wax the car after using this product, it’s a polish only.

Carnauba wax, it doesn’t get any better. It is expensive but nothing shines, protects, or lasts as well.

This is an inexpensive DA variable speed buffer that makes paintwork detailing a breeze. I use mine to repair scratches or restore faded paintwork, sure you can hand rub but the orbital buffer does a superior job in a fraction of the time and effort. You can check out a post I wrote about faded paintwork repair here.

It’s perfect for the occasional user, I’ve had mine for years and it’s still working without issue. This package comes with a sponge and wool Velcro replaceable pads, so you are all set to start buffing right out of the box.

The Makita is the Cadillac of orbital buffers, it’s expensive but worth it if you buff a lot, otherwise, I’d say it’s too much buffer.

Genuine Chamois leather is excellent at removing water from paintwork, chrome, and glass. This is the very best you can get, avoid the synthetic chamois, they’re frustrating to use especially when you’ve used the best.

Car Guys wheel and tire cleaner remove brake dust and grime from wheel rims and tires. It’s tough on brake dust-stained rims without damaging the rims. Easy to use cleans hard to reach calipers with ease and made in the USA.

Great quality Chemical Guys short-handled bristle wheel and fender brush. Perfect for wheel faces and those difficult areas like wheel stud recess etc. You’ll have this brush for years.

Quality soft bristle easy reach wheel cleaner by Chemical Guys. It’s great for reaching into impossible areas like behind rims, round chrome exhaust pipes, and grille fins. Easy to clean and sports a knuckle guard, Nice!

Car guy’s tire dressing puts that showroom shine on the black stuff or goes for a matt low-key finish. The clever thing about this dressing is its versatility. You decide how shiny you’re like your rubber. It’s easy to use, nongreasy, and comes with a tire applicator.

Meguiar’s is a two-part glass treatment. It’s a glass polish that is used to deep clean the glass surface which is the secret to a crystal clear showroom wet look. The second part of the treatment repels rain improves visibility in night driving wet conditions.

Rain-X is a leader in glass care. I’ve been using their windshield repellant for years and it’s good. If you do a ton of night driving you know how tiring it can be, especially in the rain. Rain-X causes the rain to sheet and runs from the windshield. Good stuff!

Titan glass scraper combo set includes the handy mini scraper. A sharp blade is useful for removing windshield contaminates, like tree sap, grit, etc before beginning the glass polishing treatment.

Cool product by Rain-X, I think they use witchcraft to keep the inside of your glass fog-free. If your car suffers from foggy windows, you know what to do.