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U-Haul Vs Budget – Who is best for your move?

It’s a well-known fact that moving stinks! Especially when that move is long distance. Most people will sacrifice a weekend to help you haul your stuff a few blocks, but how many people would drive several thousand miles? U-Haul and Budget are both well known for offering people the tools to move quickly and easily, and they are especially useful when you need to carry large loads of stuff, but which one is better?

Depending on where you live, both companies are quite equal in pricing. However, Budget has received higher ratings, offers its customers more discounts, and averages lower local moving rates.

U-Haul truck on highway

What Is U-Haul?

U-Haul is a company that sells and rents moving equipment and storage options. What started as a small, garage-run business has grown into one of America’s top companies in the moving/storage space.

What Is Budget?

Budget Rent A Car was founded in 1958 and their goal was to provide people with budget-friendly rentals. In 1988, Budget Truck Rental was founded and has quickly grown to become America’s second-largest truck rental company. Today, the company offers customers a wide variety of services to help with all their moving needs.

Which Company Is Better: U-Haul or Budget?

When it comes to the question of which company is better, the answer really depends on your individual needs. Both companies share similarities and differences that factor in when trying to decide which one is better.


Some of the similarities between the two companies include:

  • Both offer local and long-distance rentals
  • Both offer moving aid
  • Both offer insurance and protection plans
  • Both sell moving accessories
  • Both allow customers to make a reservation online
  • Both share a similar pricing arrangement
  • Both rent self-storage units


Some of the differences between the two companies include:

  • Budget also has a car rental company and U-Haul only rents cargo vans and trucks
  • U-Haul has over 21,000 locations while (as of 2021) Budget has 2800
  • U-Haul offers 7 different truck sizes while Budget offers 5
  • U-Haul offers moving container rentals and Budget does not
  • Because Budget does not have as many locations, customers find they do not have as many problems with reservations. However, only U-Haul offers a reservation guarantee.

Do U-Haul and Budget Cost the Same?

There are many things that factor into the price of a rental truck. This content is owned by moc.sotuaytsur. Although both companies claim to offer affordable moving solutions, what you end up paying will depend on how far you have driven, what type of vehicle you rent, gas prices in the area, how long you have the vehicle, and any added features that you add on to your rental agreement.

Although the actual price will depend on the location that you rent from, you can find the average prices of the different services offered by each company below.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Moving Truck?

U-haul rental truck and trailer

When calculating how much a rental truck will cost you, you will need to consider:

  • The daily price multiplied by how many days you plan to have the vehicle
  • The price per mile multiplied by the total amount of miles you will have traveled upon returning the vehicle
  • The gas prices in the areas you will be driving through
  • The price of insurance or added protection on your items
  • Taxes and fees
  • Deposit price

U-Haul’s Prices

Type Of VehicleDaily RateMileage Rate
8’ Pickup Truck$19.95$0.69/Mile
9’ Cargo Van$19.95$0.69/Mile
10’ Truck$19.95$0.89/Mile
15’ Truck$19.95$0.89/Mile
20’ Truck$19.95$0.89/Mile
26’ Truck$19.95$0.89/Mile

 Source: U-Haul pricing guide for Maine. Prices may vary due to location.

F 150 towing


  • Motorcycle Trailer – $14.95
  • 5’ x 9’ Utility Trailer with Ramp – $24.95
  • Tow Dolly – $44.95
  • Auto Transport – $54.95
  • Cargo Trailer/Utility Trailer – Choose from nine sizes from $14.95 to $34.95

Protection and Insurance

  • Safemove – $14.00
  • Safemove Plus – $28.00
  • SafeTrip – $5.00


  • Utility Dolly- $7.00
  • Appliance Dolly – $10.00
  • Furniture Dolly – $7.00
  • Furniture Pads – $10.00 per dozen
  • Boxes – Choose from different sizes, $1.49 to $19.99

Moving Assistance

U-Haul connects customers with moving companies through an online marketplace. They can help with loading, unloading, cleaning, packing, and unpacking. Prices for these services vary since the businesses are private and set their own fees. However, currently in Maine, prices range from $120/per hour to $395/per hour.

You should be aware when using this service that not all the “help” listed is from verified moving companies. Make sure you do your homework before inviting anyone into your home.


  • U-Haul rarely offers discounts beyond their already discounted prices.

Other Services

  • U-Box containers – these containers are delivered to your home where you fill them before U-Haul picks them back up and moves them to a storage facility. This is a great possibility for people who need to move items to storage but do not own a car or a vehicle large enough to haul items. It costs $99.95/month to use the container, but shipping is calculated depending on miles.

Budgets Truck Rental Prices

Budget car rental office
Type Of VehicleDaily RateMileage Rate
Cargo Van$39.99$0.79/Mile
12’ Moving Truck$19.99$0.79/Mile
16’ Moving Truck$29.99$0.79/Mile
26’ Moving Truck$39.99$0.79/Mile

Source: Budget prices based in Maine. Prices may vary based on location.


  • Car Carrier – $75.00 a day.
  • Car Dolly – $50.00 a day.

Protection and Insurances

  • Roadside Safety Net – $12.99 a day.
  • Budget offers a variety of protection plans from $9 dollars a day to $49.99 dollars a day.


  • Furniture Pad – $17.00 per dozen/per day.
  • Hand Truck – $20.00 per unit/per day.

Moving Assistance

Moving assistance is contracted out to other smaller businesses in the area. You can request a quote when you place your reservation or when you pick up your rental.

As of today, there were two options available for Maine:

  • Two movers for two hours – $384. With an added $140 for each extra hour. Other fees may apply.
  • Two movers for two hours – $400. With an added $100 for each extra hour. Other fees may apply.


  • US Military – 20%
  • AARP Members – 20%
  • Police, Fire & EMT – 20%
  • Motor Club – 20%
  • Students – 20%
  • Bar Association – 20%

Other Budget Services and Fees

  • PlatePass – an automated toll payment system. Radio frequencies automatically register the vehicle. The cost to customers is $3.95 extra per day or $19.75 per rental agreement.
  • Deposit – $150
  • Late-return fee – you will be charged for another day plus $10 extra.

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