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Should I Buy a Supercar? I can’t think of any reason not to!

Supercar ownership could be the answer for all those seeking the kind of heart-pounding, smile-inducing driving experience sportscars often fail to deliver.

Known for being radical in every way a car can be, far from subtle or conservative, the supercar is no doubt the drag queen arriving at a strictly tie and tux event, smoking a fine cigar, blowing the smoke in everyone’s face, fitting in everywhere and nowhere. The fantastic irony of a supercar in any given environment is a thing that makes supercar ownership fun.

Truthfully, there is a distinct lack of opportunities to fully extend the legs of many six-figure supercars on the market, meaning there’s a lot more to cherish about these exquisite cars than their unmistakable ability to obliterate every other car on the road.

In this article, we’re letting you in on some of the things that are seldom spoken of when supercar ownership becomes the topic of conversation, and in case you didn’t know, some sacrifices and adjustments have to be made to accommodate a supercar in your lifestyle. Sometimes, that might mean your $100,000+ supercar doesn’t have a place to hold your morning coffee or carry your suit to the office.

Orange Lambo

The definition of a ‘real supercar’?

Exceedingly overpowered, unapologetically original, and gorgeous, garnering crowds of fans reminiscent of a Hollywood A-lister arriving on the red carpet, supercars are often defined as the cars that make the loudest statement, demanding attention whether stationary or on the move.

Going to the extreme in every way imaginable, supercars are much like that statement outfit you might have in the wardrobe, saved only for special occasions when you need to make a dazzling expression of your current emotion.

Taking to the streets in a car with hundreds of excess horsepower and a futuristic body that brings all the aerodynamic cheat codes from motorsport is how you create a road-legal supercar that grips and attacks the streets and highways just as a race car would on track, all while still giving the luxuries of leather seats and cruise control – what could be better than that?

The supercar experience

The supercar experience is what haute cuisine is to a plate of a slog at the diner, a special sensory quest that elevates you to a new world of possibilities, putting you in a position of empowering capability that makes otherwise ordinary drives truly unforgettable.

Something often overlooked, like the action of opening a car door, handle, or operating the window switch, can become so abstract and mysterious in a supercar. Recognizing the entourage of thirsty onlookers that are both shocked and delighted by your arrival is guaranteed to make your new driving experience an entirely novel and fascinating journey.

As much as supercars are dialed-in to be the sportscar-munching highway predators we expect them to be, cruising around with a degree of etiquette and calm is equally as enjoyable, allowing the benefit of a quieter ride and higher gas mileage to boot.

Are supercars a good investment?

Every car experiences a loss in monetary value the moment it rolls off the dealership floor; it’s inevitable. Once a car is born, it’s down to the owner and all who come afterward to look after the vehicle, keeping it as clean, undamaged, and well-maintained as financially possible, bettering its chances of retaining some original value in years to come.

With supercars, the financial struggle to treat the automobile to the finest parts and consumables its creators recommend is dramatically apparent. Supercars demand very special treatment, requiring a much higher (and more expensive) level of care to keep the exotic components usually present, safe, operational, and road legal.

A supercar shouldn’t spend its time off the road in clear view of unwanted prying eyes or exposed to nature’s best offerings of seasonal weather. A dry, secure location, preferably with cameras and other security features, will give it the best chance of retaining that showroom-fresh appearance.

The appreciation and depreciation in supercar value are felt with greater extremes on either end, though there is less chance your 1980s Porsche will one day become so unpopular that no one will want to pay what it’s worth.

Supercars produced in limited production runs may have more potential to appreciate in value considerably; however, for the most part, taking the best care of a supercar possible is something every owner should strive to uphold.

What is a supercar like to drive?

Lambo in Monte Carlo

Supercars are performance-crazed works of automotive art that care little for practicality or versatility instead of aiming to deliver a raw, unprecedented driving experience that allows the driver to bring their motoring fantasies, old and new, to life.

Often that means low ground clearance, a small steering wheel that allows you to wrestle with the poor turning circle, and the ever-present reminder purring from the exhausts that a seismic load of power is armed and waiting for your signal whenever you step on the gas pedal. Let’s not discuss driving a supercar in the rain just yet.

If you’re not well acquainted with the driving position of a supercar, be prepared for a surprisingly novel experience.

Sitting low to the ground in a body-hugging bucket seat, back reclined, calves elevated, peering out through letterbox-sized windows with futuristic interior elements cladding every panel and almost no awareness of what’s occurring behind you can make climbing into a supercar a process that takes some time to perfect – especially if you’d like to emerge from your car with some of your dignity still intact.

Once you overcome the nightmare of maneuvering low-slung supercars in tight alleys and awkward parking spaces and learn to avoid these sticky situations altogether, you might discover the driving position the supercar forces you to adopt makes complete sense when you’re free to roam away from the drones of traffic, clueless pedestrians and stoplights.

Looking after a supercar

Cleaning interior of luxury car

Before you take any steps towards supercar ownership, carefully check that you are eligible for the required insurance and tax and that you have the correct license to drive such a vehicle in your state/country.

Carry out all the recommended checks on the vehicle before you purchase to guarantee there are no debts or outstanding fines associated with the vehicle. Shady supercars are lurking out there, so always seek independent professional advice if you need assurance regarding a vehicle’s authenticity or condition.

Insurance brokers that specialize in dealing with supercars and exotic vehicles are a good call and sometimes the only option when you’re trying to insure a car with a name so exotic most insurance brokers don’t even have it listed.

Agree on the insurance that fulfills all your specific needs, allowing you to drive in all the places you intend to visit while also covering you should any damage or theft occur to your vehicle.

Final word

Supercar ownership is an enormous, life-changing adventure that many driving connoisseurs have embarked on, hardly stopping for a moment to glance back at their sports coupe.

Being the significant financial investment supercar ownership is, we recommend you take as much time to do all the research necessary to aid in making an informed decision. After that, it’s all about what manufacturer speaks to you and which color you like most, red, blue, yellow, or bright orange.

With any luck, the insights into supercar ownership we shared in this article have shone some much-needed light on what it can be like to be the proud owner of a supercar – perhaps, one day, it will become your reality, too.