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Recommended Brake Parts & Supplies


You’ll find links to brake system parts and supplies on this page, many of which I use regularly. All the parts are conveniently delivered to your door by

Brake Calipers

Calipers work hard and are the business end of stopping your vehicle; they must be in top condition. Old calipers and carriers become externally and internally corroded, typically causing them to bind; the best repair is to change them out. And as you know, for safety, we change all brake components in pairs.

The calipers above are good quality non-OEM and have a one-year guarantee with unlimited mileage.

Brake Pads

Bosch pads are premium products. I’ve been using them for years; they go the extra mile with their design. Bosch matches and often exceeds OEM pads, with nice features like anti-corrosive paints used on the backing plates and noise-reducing shims. This set comes with synthetic lube for quieter operation and new anti-rattle clips.

These pads employ ceramic friction material for performance, a specification usually associated with premium supercars.

I only fit quality pads like Bosch because they work right out of the box, with no comebacks for brake squeal.

Brake Rotors

This set of vented rotors by ACDelco is a top-quality multi-layered alloy engineered for performance. ACDelco rotors aren’t just for GM vehicles; they’re available for the most common makes. This set meets metallurgy standards for brake rotors and comes with a guarantee.

Remember to clean all new brake rotors’ protective wax using brake cleaner before fitting, and always best to fit new brake pads with new rotors.

Brake Drums

Another quality product by the well-known, tried, and trusted name, ACDelco. This brake drum is engineered to go the distance; it’s balanced, enhanced heat dissipation, and reduced noise and vibration for greater performance; it also sports rust-resistant coating and comes with a guarantee. All delivered to your door by; what’s not to love?

Brake Cylinders

Brake cylinders by ACDelco are, as you’d expect, up to the job. The brake cylinders are pressure tested, and I like that the bleeder valve is rust proofed, a common cause of brake system issues.

Brake Shoes

Fitting brake shoes isn’t my favored brake repair job, but I’ve learned over my two decades firing brakes, especially brake shoes. The better quality of the shoe, the easier they are to fit. And Bosch is about as good as they get; I’ve been using their products forever.

Typical Bosch features include OEM fit quality, anti-corrosive paint, and durable, noise-free, top-performing friction materials.

Brake Lines

You’ve likely guessed I like ACDelco products. It’s true; I’ve worked in a GM garage and have fitted a ton of ACDelco components, and I trust them to do the job at hand.

Brake lines are not something I want to skimp on, brake hoses are under a lot of pressure, 1500 psi plus, and I want to know they’ll work every time and for years.

The ACDelco brake line comes with brackets, Banjo fastener, and sealing washers and is tested and guaranteed.

Brake Fluid

Prestone is a leading supplier of quality automotive fluids. This is DOT 3 so remember to check your reservoir cap before ordering. This product is sold by Amazon and is conveniently delivered to your door. Picture links out to Amazon.

Copper Paste

Copper grease is used widely for many applications. It protects from corrosion and galling, the main cause of frozen bolts. Copper grease is great in hot locations, too; unlike other greases, it won’t run when hot. Anti-seize applications are used on wheel hubs, spark plug threads, O2 sensor threads, etc.

Anti Squeal Paste

Permatex is a premium brake lube used on pads, floating caliper rails/slides, and hubs. It doesn’t wash off and is resistant to heat and moisture. Prevents brake squeal.

Synthetic Grease

3M Silicone grease is grease compatible with both rubber and metal. Regular grease causes rubber seals, boots, etc., to swell, and swelling usually causes bigger problems later. A mechanic commonly uses silicone grease on floating brake caliper fasteners where nylon bushing and rubber seals are present.

Brake Cleaner

3M makes top-quality products. Brake cleaner is likely one of the most used products in a pro shop. It is used not just to clean brake components and prevent brake squeals but also to clean spilled liquids like brake fluid, oil, and grease. The cleaner is an aerosol and is powerful enough to flush grit from components.

About the Author

John Cunningham is a Red Seal Qualified automotive technician with over twenty-five years of experience in the field. When he’s not writing about car repair, you’ll find him in his happy place – restoring classic cars.

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