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Brake System Fastener Torque Specification


Most Pro and experienced DIY’ers don’t actually use a torque wrench to tighten brake system fasteners, and that’s okay; when you have some experience, you know when the fasteners feel just right but using some blue thread lock is always advisable.

Of course, using a torque wrench is preferred; it removes the possibility of under or over-tightening. Anyhow, below you’ll find typical brake system fastener torque specs; I say typical because each make and model will have their own particular spec and, of course, that should ideally be used.

The specs below relate to a regular family-sized sedan with typical floating-style calipers. If your vehicle is a truck, luxury sedan, or performance vehicle or you have fixed calipers fitted, the torque specs will be greater.

If you need help using a torque wrench, you can find that here.

If your ride has drum brakes then the rear drum to hub locating fastener if fitted is typically torqued to 10lb-ft (13Nm).


Brake Caliper

26lb-ft (35Nm)

Caliper Carrier

85lb-ft (115Nm)


Brake Rotor

10lb-ft (13Nm) (locating fastener)

Banjo Bolt

26lb-ft (35Nm)


Wheel Lug Nuts

100lb-ft (135Nm)

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