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Ask a Mechanic

I’m a qualified mechanic, and I’ve been swinging wrenches for over twenty-five years. I understand what it takes to diagnose and fix car problems. And as you are here, I know you have the main ingredient for success – a can-do attitude. I salute you!

I started Rustyautos to help folks like you succeed with all types of auto repairs.

But I understand the challenges; you don’t have all the facilities of a dealership or a ton of wrenching experience, and usually, that isn’t what prevents the home mechanic from succeeding. Instead, it’s a lack of knowledge.

As vehicles become more sophisticated, some repair procedures are model specific. And so this page is dedicated to those folks that need more specific one-to-one help and advice. Or maybe you are stuck on a particular repair or diagnostic procedure; hey, we’ve all been there.

The JustAnswer mechanics are a great bunch; they have the answers as they’ve likely seen your particular problem hundreds of times.

How Does it Work?

Click on the Ask a Mechanic link above, where you’ll be directed to the JustAnswer webpage with a Mechanics chat box. I earn a small commission for recommending these guys, but I’m happy to do so because these guys know their stuff, and I know they’ll save you money.