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Are F1 Experiences Worth It? – Unforgettable experience!

There’s no other motorsport that matches the energy of F1, and there is no better way to enjoy the spectacle than to see and hear every moment of the action trackside at one of the season’s events.

With the tension and excitement building from Friday through to Sunday, fans watching live have an abundance of opportunities to marvel at the cars and the surroundings during practice, qualifying, and the race.

Have you ever wondered how you could gain access to the pit lane? Or how can you watch the race from a location other than the grandstand, general admission, or your sofa?

Unlike grandstand and general admission tickets, F1 experience tickets offer a behind-the-scenes experience that lets you walk the same path as drivers, teams, and TV crews – where all the action is happening.

F1 experience tickets allow fans (and those there to self-promote) to roam free from the grandstands and access areas like the paddock and pit lane.

Of course, this level of luxury comes at a price, and with some of the higher value tickets costing in upwards of $5,000 at some tracks, it leaves many fans wondering if it’s forking out the extra money in exchange for an exclusive F1 experience.

To help you decide which package sounds like the right choice for you, we’ll explain everything you need to know. First, let’s take a look at the different types of tickets available at any given race weekend.

F1 car on track

F1 ticket types explained:

General admission – grants fans access to the green open areas, including hillsides and small fields. General admission tickets are the most budget-friendly option and give you the freedom to choose your favorite spot to watch the racing.

Grandstand seat – Grants fans a dedicated seat in one of the grandstands located around the track. The grandstands are lettered and offer different perspectives of the action on the track and the surrounding scenery.

Typically, it’s the main grandstands on the start/finish straight, those overlooking the pit lane, and grandstands overlooking the key overtaking zones that are in the highest demand.

F1 experiences – Grants fans access to the ultimate F1 race weekend. Tickets in this category offer a range of exclusive bonuses, from guided track tours to the option of embarking on your very own grid walk.

How to choose an F1 race ticket

If you’ve always dreamt of being able to make your very own grid walk and get up close to the cars, teams, and drivers, or be one of those lucky individuals that get to take a look around the car in the garage at pit lane – an F1 experience is the only way to make it become a reality.

For those looking to get a good taste of the race weekend without spending too much time or money on occasion, a one or 2-day ticket is ideal. The more enthusiastic will definitely enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the whole 3-day race weekend with the option of hospitality. 

What’s included in an F1 experience?


F1 experiences put you in a unique position to wander the paddock, pit lane, and various viewpoints that have been purposefully engineered to provide the most impressive views of the track. Fan favorites like Monaco, Sepang, and the Yas Marina circuit all exhibit magnificent architecture that in itself is a special experience to have the pleasure of being able to explore.

The hospitality teams working in the many restaurants, suites, bars, and lounges at the track are the same faces that you’ll see at every race; that’s because they travel, like the teams and drivers, from race to race as the season progresses, ensuring the quality of hospitality is equally as excellent, regardless of which race you attend.

Tickets that grant access to hospitality areas can provide all the delicious food and wine you require, after which you can enjoy a stroll around many of the exclusive team areas that standard ticket holders don’t have the luxury of experiencing.

Included in many of the packages are an opportunity to take a tour of the track, a chance to pose for some photos with the official race trophies, a chance to meet a driver or legend, and one of the sit-down events, including live Q&A sessions that unveil more to the inner-workings of Formula 1. 

F1 experience package – 2022 F1 Mexican GP


  • Grandstand seating
  • Pit-lane walk
  • Guided tour of the track
  • Professional Championship trophy photo
  • Appearance by F1 driver/personality

Champions Club 3-days

  • Main grandstand seating
  • Champions Club hospitality
  • Walk of the grid
  • F1 Executive Q&A
  • Guided Paddock access
  • Appearance by F1 driver/personality
  • Professional Championship trophy photo

As you can see by looking at the comparison above, the key differences between a basic F1 experience package like Trophy, and a more exclusive package like Champions Club, are the access to official F1 hospitality suites, and the option of walking the grid rather than the pit lane.

Depending on the experience you seek, there is a range of packages that suit fans (and those yet to be fans) looking to be close enough to smell the burning rubber, or far away enough to enjoy peace in a relaxing ambiance.

What is an F1 experience like?

F1 experiences offer fans an immersive journey for those committed to the decision with comfort and luxury that mirrors the prestige of the sport.

While some fans are perfectly happy to relax and enjoy a picnic on one of the green areas around the track or feel the rush and excitement of a grandstand seat, F1 experiences are for those that really want to get more involved and really get a true sense of what it’s like to be an F1 driver.

F1 experiences offer avenues of enjoyment beyond that of a standard ticket, and for F1 fans hoping to bring their partners or friends along that might not necessarily be fans in the first place, an F1 experience offers many other things other than the glamorous cars.

With an F1 experience ticket, you might just bump into one of the many public figures, sports personalities, ex-drivers, politicians, YouTubers, journalists, Hollywood celebs, and many more frequent F1 races in this style. You really don’t know who you might bump into while you’re walking the same steps as drivers like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Do F1 experiences include accommodation?

One important consideration to take into account is that although the F1 experiences offered to strive to provide the highest level of hospitality at the track, once the action is over for the day, you’ll likely need to make your own accommodation arrangements, ideally in a location that doesn’t leave you miles away from the track.

Hotels and other types of accommodation located further from the track are often more affordable. However, it can prove frustrating when you might have to contend with long queues to enter/exit the track and park your vehicle each day.

Optional extras like faster track access (queue-jumping) and reserved parking, respectively, can be offered when purchasing F1 experience tickets at certain tracks, depending on availability.

A final word from us

When selecting your desired F1 experience package, be sure to double-check everything that’s included with the package, taking note of any advice/restrictions to prevent any surprises upon your arrival.

Certain F1 experience tickets have the option of adding a stay at one of the best hotels in the area, including transfers to and from the track each day, which might suit your needs better.

Remember to always check official F1 sources for accurate information that will ensure you remain up-to-date with the event status with respect to Covid-19/other restrictions in the country of the track you wish to attend. Be sure to take warm/waterproof clothing in case of bad weather and always keep your belongings with you.

Witnessing the thrill of Formula 1 live at the track is an unforgettable experience every F1 fan should treat themselves to at least once.