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Are Avis Cars Good To Buy? Smart move here’s why

If you are buying a car for the first time, or are looking for a replacement for your current vehicle, you are probably weighing up your options as to where it is best to purchase from. Many people see their car as their prized possession or, at the very least, an important thing to own. So if you are wondering about buying from Avis, you may be wondering if it is a good idea.

Avis is a renowned and reputable car rental company, that also sells their cars, and the vehicles available for sale from them are worth buying. Avis ensures that their cars are well serviced and maintained. Additionally, most of the vehicles they sell are only between 9-12 months old.

I know that I can talk from my own experience, I purchased a car through Avis, and it was in excellent running order for the entire time I had it. Purchasing a used rental car gives you the ability to own a well-maintained car that comes at a reasonable price. So for the scoop on whether to consider buying from Avis, be sure to read on.

Avis cars

Why Avis Cars Are Good To Buy

Purchasing a car from Avis is undoubtedly a viable option and one worth considering. They sell cars with slightly higher mileage, but their service history and proper maintenance make up for this fact.

The most crucial factor is that the cars are well taken care of when it comes down to it. You may argue that people who hire them may not treat them with care. The fact is that Avis will not sell a car to a customer directly, which is not up to standard, and what is nice is they will make you aware of any issues the vehicle has. Additionally, you can take it to a mechanic to have them look over it.

Below are several factors worth considering when you are looking to buy an Avis Car. Be sure to keep them in mind and understand what you can expect when purchasing a car from Avis.

The Extended Test Drive And Exchange Plan On Avis Cars

It is a good idea to buy from Avis because they allow you to browse their purchasable cars online first, and then you can pick out the one you would like to test drive. You can then enquire about the extended test drive, which allows you to keep the car for up to three days. While trying the car out, it is good to take it to a mechanic to have it assessed.

Another reason to opt for going to Avis is that they offer a thirty-day exchange plan, in most cases. So if within the first thirty days after you have received your car, and you are not happy with the product in terms of the mechanical condition, then you are allowed to switch it for a similarly priced car.

You Will Know The Track Record Of An Avis Car

Upon selling their cars, rental companies are sure to curb your concerns of abuse by offering up the service history and any accident in which it may have been. They will also assure you that the car you purchase is one of the prime apples left, as others will have been sold on auctions.

You can receive a report on the vehicle’s history via third-party reporting on the car. This will undoubtedly afford you peace of mind at the end of the day, and unlike certain dealerships, rental companies, in general, tend to be more transparent with what the car has been through.

I know from personal experience that second-hand dealerships often lie or try to cover up any shortcomings of the vehicle. You will also potentially be aware that they are always in far more of a rush to close the sale. The reason for this may be that the salesman earns a commission, but I believe another factor is that they do not want you to get a chance to really get under the hood of things.

The Cost Factor Of Buying An Avis Car

There is an array of reasons to purchase a rental car in the first place, and one of the biggest is the cost factor. You will find that a company as large as Avis buys their vehicles in bulk to receive a discounted rate per vehicle.

This lower purchasing rate enables the company to be able to then sell their cars to the consumer (which is you) for a price that is lower than that of a regular dealership. Also, if you purchase from Avis, you will likely find more options in terms of style and safety features, which you will get for less of a dent in your wallet.

The Mileage On Avis Cars Which Are Sold

Okay, this is a point where you will likely find that there will be more miles on that odometer than if you were purchasing a car of the same age from a dealership. This is something that concerns people, and that is understandable.

It must be stressed, though, that the mileage on a car is merely one of the factors you use to judge the vehicle. It could be the case that you find a vehicle at a second-hand dealer with lower mileage of the same year and for a similar price, but its service history is not the same.

That is the thing with rental cars; they have to be well maintained as it would not be good for business to have their vehicles breaking down on people while traveling. So every potential issue is dealt with and done so timeously. In contrast, a car from a dealership could have had an unchecked problem for lengthy periods.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty On Avis Cars

Car repairs

The fact that you will be purchasing a relatively new car, which is approximately only a year or so old, there is the bonus of the vehicle being sold with the balance of the warranty.

Additionally, Avis usually gives you the option of extending the warranty for a further year or two. This is excellent and will undoubtedly provide you with peace of mind where your car is concerned. Nothing is worse than having something terrible go wrong with a vehicle, and it is well past its warranty.

Why Avis Sell Their Cars

Rental companies, such as Avis, purchase new vehicles for their fleet each year, and to make space for them, they need to sell off their old ones. Another reason is that they need to make sure that their rental cars are always in the best possible condition and ensure against wear and tear.

The cars are either sold off on auction or to second-hand dealerships or the customer directly. This content is owned by moc.sotuaytsur. Some people may not realize this, but their second-hand car from a dealership may well have been a rental car in the past.

Avis is one of the most prominent names among car rental companies in America. They have a reputation to uphold, so when they sell their cars, not just when renting them, they want to give their consumer the best quality possible.


More perks come with buying from Avis instead of dealerships and even some other rental companies, one of which is their need to uphold their reputation. The passing on of the manufacturer’s warranty and the option to extend it is a great bonus.

And finally, you can expect them to be fully transparent with you regarding what you are buying. The extended test drive period and the chance to exchange the vehicle if there are mechanical issues you are not happy with within the first thirty days is terrific.

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